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DentaLink's Preference Dental is a national network of independent pre-paid dental plans that offer benefits in limited market areas. The pre-paid dental plans are managed by companies that have a strong commitment to their communities and have designed plan benefits to meet the local needs. This local involvement results in their being able to offer a larger provider network than is found in the "national" pre-paid dental plans.

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DentaLink USA offers an administrative service consolidating these carriers into a single network. This allows associations to offer the best combination of benefits and provider network without having to deal with multiple companies and billing statements.

Key Features:

  • Dental Plans with a commitment to their locality
  • Over 7,000 participating general dentists
  • Orthodontic, Endodontic, and Oral Surgery specialists
  • Plans in every states where one is available
  • Centralized administration by DentaLink USA

Preference Dental gives associations the tools they need to effectively manage dental benefits costs and to offer members the coverage they need and deserve. It is an effective and innovative approach that helps both associations and their members respond to today's world of complex cost factors, sophisticated treatment options and changing provider relationships.





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